Free WordPress Themes Vs The Premium Themes

WordPress officially provides almost hundreds of themes for free. Some highly reputed professional do develop free themes and make it available just to collect the feedback from the users.Free themes are free to modify if you have dexterity and redistribute it for someone else’s use. So question might arise why opt for the premium one if you are getting it for free. It would be reasonable enough for you to raise such questions until you read this article.For your convenience the disadvantages of free WordPress themes are listed below.

The cons of Free WordPress themes:

  • Free themes don’t fit well for desired layout of your website because you are bound to work with a template designed.In case you need to restore the originality of your brand/business you will have to hire a designer to fix your  problem which requires a lot of money.
  • Yes, it’s obvious that free themes provide you less flexibility to address your need.
  • There are no warranties or instant patches to fix the bugs with free themes.It means if you have problems with your themes you cannot  interact with the theme developers instantly.
  • With free themes come free hidden advertisements which are intruders of your websites.These unwanted adds gives rough patches and clumsy look to your page.It is definitely not something that you would fancy.
  • Importantly you get those themes which have been used by thousands of WordPress based sites.In this sense the uniqueness and nobility of your site wouldn’t be possible with free themes.

Since, you have known the dark side of free themes. Knowing the  advantages of premium themes would definitely remove your dilemma to choose between the free and premium themes.So, to elucidate the benefits of premium themes;listed below are the advantages of premium themes.

The pros of Premium WordPress themes:

  • T0 start with,premium themes are more fresh and less exposed.You get varieties of premium themes designed to meet your needs.
  • Use of premium themes gives more professional look and unique feature to your website.Graphically premium themes give more superior look to your page than the free ones.
  • As per the cost is concerned, premium themes are available for reasonable price.The competition among the developers has dropped down the price of highly effective and versatile premium themes.So you get best quality out of your money.
  • Unlike the free themes, you don’t have to bother about unnecessary free advertisements in your page.The space is all yours and you can use it to promote your own products.
  • Official theme developers are always available at mere click to entertain your queries and sort out the problems if any.
  • More importantly you get custom made themes like mobile theme switcher between PC friendly application /pages to mobile friendly.You get huge array of mobile themes and theme switcher for reasonable cost which you wouldn’t hesitate to pay for.

Now after reading this article you would rationally choose between the free WordPress themes and the Premium themes without any hesitation.Highly effective Mobile theme and theme switcher are sure to lure you to get premium themes of your requirements.